Regulatory Licenses and Approval

At FCP, we help you with regulatory interaction and facilitate regulatory compliance and approvals of business and taxation regulatory authorities. These include:

  • Assistance in obtaining approvals/ registrations/ clarifications/licenses (Including Corporate Laws, Securities Laws, Capital Market, Taxation, FEMA, CCI and IPR)
  • Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Regional Directors, Company Law Board / BIFR, National Company Law Tribunal, District Courts, IBBI, High Courts and Supreme Courts
  • RBI for inward and outbound investment, borrowing and guarantees
  • Stock Exchanges, SEBI, SAT, NSDL, CDSL etc.
  • Licenses and approvals for financial and non-financial services business
  • Registrar and Intellectual Property Appellate Board
  • Professional assistance in investigation management and compounding with the authorities
  • Advisory on regulatory implications of a particular transaction, business model etc.
  • Undertaking ongoing regulatory compliance.

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